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The 916ickness Do Something About It Tour was created to bring awareness, and to prompt action taken towards the exploitations that are prevalent amongst our youth and in our city. 

Artist On The Tour...

Matt BalLing


Bio: Matthew Balling is an inside-out mentor with G.A.P. who's aim is to break the chains of recidivism in the lives of incarcerated Sacramento youth & surrounding cities. Matthew is partnered with a clothing line called Don't Be Pimped that brings awarness to the global pandemic of human sex-trafficking. Matthew started the 916ickness Do Something About It Tour because he believes in taking responsibility for his city.



Bio: Russell Williams aka Jspirit, a Sacramento native grew up around Gospel music and singing as his mother led worship in Church. Not only does Jspirit usher souls into the presence of The Almighty with his singing ,he also spits grit & fire like no other. 

Matthew Balling

M'ster Lewis


Bio: M'ster Lewis is a socially conscious artist who takes listeners to another level with his thought provoking music. With his own clothing line he pushes God Mode as he inspires and builds up community with a message of unity and lyrics laced in wisdom. 



Bio: Mykrophone lives in Lincoln, CA. He struggled with addiction for over 20 years and didn't think he'd pull out of it. He now serves our communities as a substance abuse counselor, mentor, and faith inspired hip hop artist. "I just want to be a light in the darkness, pointing people to the one who saves and transforms lives, Jesus." 

Summer Jones

Summer Jones.jpg

Bio: Summer Jones is a young multi talented artist, she is dedicated to working and performing through out our communities, using her performance to uplift others through powerful song and dance. 

Aysia Buie

Aysia .JPG

Bio: Aysia Buie is another dynamic artist on the tour. What can she not do musically is the question ? She plays acoustic, she raps over trap beats, she does folk & reggae, she leads worship on Sundays and you can catch her busking in the streets during the weekdays. But what will hit you most about her music is her soulful heart. 



Bio: IAMsentmee has been referred to as the Mac Dre of Christian Hip-Hop. With his bay area feel, his mission is to bring the Joy of the Lord, encouragement  and hope to all individuals. IAMsentmee is an electric performer regardless if people accept the message of Christ, he is willing to be in front of the public knowing the risk.

Minister RMB

Key Note Speaker


Bio: Jack Nordby otherwise known as Minister RMB is the founder of Don't Be Pimped, an awareness apparel clothing line with a mission of counter attacking the blatant exploitation of today's generation."The term "PIMP" has become popularized by today's culture, as well as glorified through modern slang and social media.   Our hope is to abolish the distorted view that being a "PIMP" or "PIMPIN" is something that should be looked at as trendy, positive or acceptable" - Jack

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